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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Top 5 Popular Modern Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs come in almost every shape and size, some for comfort some strictly for style. Here are a few of my Fav. well known pieces.

5. Egg Chair: Another timeless design that I can see in every magazine and want to see more.
Full pony version of this chair is a bit much but I love it, we sold one in Hot pink to a Hotel in
Beverly Hills a couple years ago...even had one go to a Cool Whip Commercial. This picture to the left is a white
vinyl chair we sold to a guy with a absolutely amazing
house in Palm Springs.

4. Panton Heart Chair: I love this chair they look so amazing in pairs but are kinda pricey
and with 40" across from wing to wing might be kinda big for some spaces.

3. Egg Shell Chair: Fiberglass is so awesome, seeing a fleet of these from my overseas supplier is even more awesome.. check out the empty shells in the back.

2. Barcelona chair: It's one of those chairs that can be in every movie and every magazine
and yet you still want to see more of them. The office set of the movie "Mr. Brooks" or
American Psychos living room set reminds us that even completely Mad men love the
Barcelona chair. What I like to do is order them in weird colors just to see how they turn
out, Like this last one we got in Bright Blue Vinyl with white straps.

1. The Ox Chair: the first time I saw one of these in person was awhile back picking up
props from Modernica in LA, I then looked at the price tag and said " No waaay" lol.
I have yet to buy myself one but I just love the look, love that it's not a horribly over
done and trendy piece. I almost ordered a set of 4 of them in Apple Green leather for
a client in Palm Springs but he didn't want to pay for them up front and that took
care of that, I would have loved to see that color in this chair in person.

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Tonia @Chic Modern Vintage said...

I would love the egg chair, but can't seem to find one that I like that I can afford.

Thanks for stopping my today. I'm your first follower.