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Friday, July 23, 2010

Kid In A Candy Store

This is the first time I have been able to really redo the condo in over 3 years,
had a" guy on the couch" / Friend living with me for ever and over that time
my place slowly an then quickly became quite gross an non inviting. I would
never have guests over and it's sooo nice to finally be able to start over.

Owning a furniture company has really come in handy for this step of redoing
the condo, I don't want to say what it cost me (not much) but I was able to sell
4 Knoll reproductions sofas, Barcelona sofa/chair/loveseat, White egg chair and
it pretty much paid for every piece I wanted.

Imagine having access to ordering any Modern furniture piece your heart desires in
any color leather/fabric/vinyl that you would like, almost seems like a sin. I'm going
to have to pray awfully hard after ordering every piece I ever wanted in the exact color
that I wanted it in. Kid in a candy store x 100

The List:

1 B&B Tufty time sofa in white leather 2 piece sectional with ottoman

The rest will be a secret until I post pics when everything arrives, keep in touch
it is going to be sweet!

Everything should be here in about 6-7 weeks.... all custom made

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Don't leave me hanging--custom-made is my dream!