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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Coffee Tables: Breuer or Pablo?

After choosing very unique pieces for our living room we got everything but a
coffee table and side tables. So I need to be creative and make sure they are
just a interesting of a piece as everything else.

The Mondo coffee table (Large white round table located at the top of the page in
my Header) : I love this piece and it would be absolutely perfect I think with the
B&B Tufty 2 piece sofa we ordered but it's really expensive, I found a brand new
one on Craigslist this week for $100.00 but the guy sold it before I had a chance
to go check it out =(

So My next idea:

If people call Marcel Breuer's table a "Coffee table" then we can also call Pablo design's
light up bench a "Coffee table"

They are almost exactly the same shape, Pablo bench weighs about 40 lbs more though.
In the movie the International with Clive Owen they used Breuer's table for a TV stand
and it actually looked really we could go with the Pablo table for a TV stand or
use it for our coffee table, it is 14" High and would pair up nicely with the Tufty Sofas 15"
seat height.

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