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Monday, October 28, 2013

Future Throne Custom Orders

Please email me ( if you would be interested in having a email sent to you when we are getting ready to do a new throne custom furniture order. We will have a new throne called the Emperor's Throne that we are adding to the mix with our Kings chair.

King's chair $1,200.00 we had to raise the cost $200.00 since our last order because we are switching to a stronger more durable wood (mahogany). This chair can be custom made in White/White,Black/Black, Pink/White, Pink/Pink,Pink/Black, Black/White, White/Black, Red/Gold, Blue/Gold, Champagne/Gold, Silver/White, Silver/Blue, Gray/Pink, Red/Black.

New Pics of recently finished Kings chairs:

Pink/Pink w/ crystals & nailhead:

Gold/Champagne w/ nailhead:

Black/Black w/ crystals & nailheads:

Blue velvet w/Gold trim & crystals:

New Emperor's throne $2,000.00, it can be custom made in the same colors listed above for Kings chairs. This throne has alot of gorgeous detailed carvings, any color can have crystal buttons added at no additional cost. Any Chair using vinyl upholstery will be finished w/ nailheads. Pictured below is solid gold leafed Emperor's throne w/ bright red suede.

New Medallion Sofa! This is my own design, I have been wanting to create my own pieces forever and finally have created a really beautiful sofa. They would also be $2,000.00 and can be done in the same colors listed above.

Please email all inquires to Alex @ or



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