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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

MCR #1 Throne Rental Prop Company in OC

Modern Chair Rental now offers several colors of Kings chair rentals and have a few arriving in October that are going to blow your mind! Really? Yes

We offer them at $175.00 each for 1-3 day rentals each chair is 5"3 tall, you can pickup Friday and return Monday alot of times that is easier for most people then picking up the day of their event. 

Uses: Staging for a wedding, Lounge setups that want a King and Queen Feel, photo shoots, film sets, prop for plays, Santa claus chair and many more.


Red/Gold: Royal, Regal and absolutely gorgeous.

Purple/Silver: Best for Photo shoots, takes crazy pictures because of the purple crushed velvet reflects light and so do the crystal buttons. 

White/White: Beautiful for wedding stages and Sweetheart tables.

Black Croc/White: Another perfect chair for photo shoots, Croc print is large enough to show up photo's. Great for shoots using Black/White theme.

Light Pink (muave)/Black: Baby photo's, bridal shower chair for the bride, baby shower chair for the mom that wants to be center of attention.

Greyish-Purplish/Taupe: Unique colors that photo really well, crushed velvet gives off a hugh of purple and gray tones. Can be medieval/time period piece for film/plays/school functions. 

New Thrones arriving in October:

Pink/Pink w/ crystal buttons (2)
Blue/Gold w/ crystal buttons (2)

New Throne! The Throne of many faces, Chair is 5"8 a

Red/Gold (4)

Alex Chisholm
Owner Of Modern Chair Rental
1251 South Beach Blvd Unit D (across the street from Lowes/Walmart)
La Habra, CA 90631

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