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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Baroque Furniture & Throne Custom Orders 2015 - 2016

We would like to get back to doing more custom furniture orders, if you are furnishing a Salon, Hotel, new home, boutique store ect. we can custom order all of the furniture you need. I have a wonderful supplier overseas, every wood piece is made of Mahogany and can be done in the colors of your choice. 

It has been pretty hard to get 12-15 people to order all at the same time, so ordering for 1 or 2 at a time would be much easier and I can dedicate all of my time to you and your needs. I run a Lounge Rental company in Orange County full time called Modern Chair Rental. 

Here are some of the pieces we can order, we can also have pieces custom made if you have pics and specs. I was planning on ordering a new Bar I custom designed this year, the renderings are done but the project fell through. I am comfortable to have the bar made for you (it's 3 sided with 2 shelfs on the back, beautiful baroque design with tufting on front and side panels, also has Awesome carvings throughout). Could be a bar or reception counter. 

                Cell: 714-595-2445 - Alex

Flower Ottoman: $400.00
 Large Chaise lounge: $1,500.00
 Ornate Lounge chair $999.00
 Chaise with left side backrest: $1,400.00
 Lionshead throne chair: $999.00
 Balloon chair: $1,100.00
 Medallion Sofa $1,500.00  Lounge chair: $550.00
 My own design Kings chair: $1,200.00
 Emperor throne: $1,500.00
 Medallion Sofa and Lounge chair designed by Modern Chair Rental owner Alex Chisholm. Modern spin on Victorian classic Medallion - Parlor furniture. 

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