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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Turning Oldies Into Goodies

This year I wanted to start something new besides our rental business so throughout 2014 we will be buying and restoring quite a few Vintage/Victorian/French/Baroque/Neo Classical type of pieces. Mainly ones with good wood trim that surrounds the piece which I will be very picky about.

Each piece when finished will be posted here on The Mod Spot and will be available for sale. I will be posting before/during/after pictures of each. There is Alot of work and lots an lots of hours going into each one (I am doing all of the custom paint jobs). Each one will be a custom one-off but if we have a few interested buyers and can find a similar piece we can always make a couple.

Please email me directly if you would like to be sent pics of each when they are done:

Coming in about a week and a half we have a custom Pink Medallion Settee it's a little tiny love seat that is alittle under 4 feet wide with Electric Pink trim and Fuchsia Croc. Fabric. It is currently at our upholstery shop we have teamed up with for 2014 and will be done Jan. 27th

Next we will have a custom pearl white chaise lounge, beautiful piece that will feature pearl white crocodile upholstery and a gorgeous pearl white paint job.

After that we have a sun yellow Medallion sofa with matte yellow vinyl that will be done sometime early Feb.

1/22: Electric Pink settee is finished! $1,400.00

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