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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Group Order on Custom Throne Chairs $999.00 & Balloon Chairs $1,250.00

We are starting a new group order on Throne chairs & Balloon Chairs, they can be completely customized in the colors of fabric and wood trim of your liking. We need to sell 10 to place our order. Please let me know if you are interested - Thanks! Alex 714-595-2445 Cell

Now can be done with or without Crystal style buttons No extra charge!
Display models available to view in person. We have 5 new display models
in all different colors arriving at the end of Sept!

We can ship via freight carrier to all 50 States, Lead time is 8-9 weeks from
day we place the order.

We except all Major credit cards except American Express -

Dimensions: 5"ft 4 inches Tall x 35 Inches Wide x 27 inches Deep

Fabric: Black Patent leather with Black A-05 Wood trim - Kings Chair $999.00

Fabric: Velvet HA-2 velvet with wood trim A-08
Fabric: Velvet HA-11 with Wood trim A-12
Fabric: Velvet HA-10 with Wood trim A-12
Fabric: Light pink velvet with A-05 Black wood trim
Fabric: Purple velvet C-07 with Silver wood trim A-10 w/crystal buttons
Fabric: Cream velvet C-05 with Gold wood trim A-12
Balloon Chairs! $1,250.00

New! Patent Leather: These can be done with matching wood trim to create one solid color look!

New! Metallic damask embossed - Silver - Gold - Copper - Bronze

New! Mini Tuft - This Vinyl can not be done with buttons because of thickness but it does
have a very unique button pattern to it already. (White & Hot Pink also available)


Crushed Velvets:


Vinyls: Also can be done in Gold or Silver Vinyl

Burlap Fabrics:

Wood Trims:

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