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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Custom Order - July 31st Modern & Modern Baroque

We are now placing orders for our new July 31st furniture order! Please let me know if you are interested: or 714-595-2445 - Alex

How it works = You choose the Item you are interested in, Lets use Knoll sectional sofa for example: The benefits of custom ordering are you get to choose the exact color you want (30 Boucle fabrics - 12 Wools - 18 Leathers) and you can choose if you would like with or without buttons.

Knoll sectional in light gray #12 with buttons: $,1800.00 Fabric - $2,200.00 Leather

7/3: We are located in La Habra CA off Beach & Imperial. I now have enough swatches to mail them out, please email me for swatches!

Lead time is 8-9 weeks from the day we place our order, Once the pieces arrive here you can pick them up at no charge or we can deliver to your house the day of for $75.00

Also we do ship out of state through a 3rd party freight carrier!
Please scroll waay down to see selection of Fabrics & leathers!

Payment: We accept Checks/Cash all forms of Credit card except Amex, We can also do 50% down and 50% when the furniture arrives in Long Beach

Prices for next order:

LC2 Sectional Sofa: $1,600.00 Fabric - $2,000.00 Leather

Papa bear chair & ottoman: $1,100.00 - Fabrics only (Gray #12 pictured below)
Gray S22235-3#

Barcelona Sofa: $950.00 Leather (Black #0185 shown below)

Barcelona Loveseat: $750.00 Leather
Barcelona Chair: $550.00 Leather - $450 Vinyl (Black #0185 & White #3038)

Fabric Barcelona chair: $450.00 (Red #17)

Barcelona Ottoman: $250.00 Leather (Brickish Brown #0323)
Two Seater Ottoman: $375.00 Leather
Barcelona Bench $450.00 Vinyl - $500.00 Leather

Barcelona Daybed: $950.00 Leather - $850.00 Vinyl (Frame colors: Black/Brown/Walnut w. Roll Pillow) * (0187# Saddle Brown pictured as seen on

Fabric Daybed: $850.00 (S22235-2 pictured)

Knoll style sofas : $1,150.00 Leather - $900.00 Fabric or Vinyl * (Gray s22235-3#)

Knoll style Loveseat: $825.00 Leather - $650.00 Fabric or Vinyl *

Knoll Style Chair/Bench: $550.00 Leather - $450.00 Fabric or Vinyl
Mad men style orange tweed #4692-47 (please email for custom tweeds)

Chesterfield Chair: $650.00 Leather - $500.00 Vinyl or Fabric
Chesterfield Loveseat: $1,100.00 Leather - $950.00 Vinyl or Fabric

Chesterfield Sofa: $1450.00 Leather - $1,300.00 Vinyl or Fabric
New! Hollywood Regency Coffee Table - Huge 51" x 32" 15" $350.00 each
can be done in white high gloss,black or silver with black or white tempered glass.

Ox Chairs: $850.00 Leather - $650.00 Vinyl

Egg Chairs: $900.00 Leather $650.00 Fabric
(Egg chairs come with reclining lever for extra charge like most modern sites)
Gray #22235-#3

Chocolate Brown #30
Vintage Blue/Green #16

Ball Chairs: $650.00 39 fabric color options w/ White or Black fiberglass

Kids Ball Chairs: $475.00 can be done in any of our fabrics or Ball chair specific fabrics!

Womb Chairs: - $825.00 w/ ottoman - Only offered in fabric
Oatmeal #31
Gray s22235-3#
Green S22235-20# - White S22235-24# - Blue #7 - Red #17
Red/Orange #40

Womb Love seat/ Sofa $1,300.00 - Fabric only

Oval Tulip Dining table w/ Marble top: $1,150.00 (Black or white)

Pod Chair: $1,200.00

Wegner Wing Chair: $650.00 Fabric - $800.00 Leather
Ziggy Daybed: $950.00 Leather $850.00 Fabric
PK22 Easy Chair: $550.00 (any color leather only)

PK20 Chair: $800.00 (any color of leather only)

Marshmallow Sofa: $575.00 Leather

Streamline Sofa: $2,200.00 Leather Only, adjustable headrests, comes with 5 pillows.

Eames La chaise: $900.00 Fiber glass shell can be done in White or Black

Eames Lounge Chair: $975.00 in Leather w/ ottoman - w/ Metal Frame $1050.00

Bibendum Chair: $675.00 Leather $550.00 Fabric

B&B Itailia Style Mart Tongue Chair: $650.00 Fabric

Panton Heart Chair: $650.00 Fabric only

Panton Cone Chair: $525.00 Fabric only

Corona Chair w/ Ottoman: $850.00 Leather - $750.00 Fabric - (Red leather #1108 pictured)

Swan Chair: $450.00 Fabric $550.00 Leather

Jacobson Swan Loveseat: $900.00 Fabric

Lc2 Chair: $525.00 Leather - $450.00 vinyl

Lc2 Loveseat: $700.00 Leather - $600.00 vinyl (187#Brown pictured)

Lc2 Sofa: $900.00 Leather - $750.00 Vinyl
Noguchi Free Form Sofa w/ Ottoman : $2,300.00 Fabric only

Noguchi Coffee Table: $350.00 (3) wood finishes - Walnut - Natural - Black

Barcelona Coffee table: $350.00
Eileen Gray Side Table: $120.00
New Credenza: White Laminate & Mirrored front/sides with Black glass top $950.00

Eileen Gray Daybed: $900.00 Leather - $750.00 vinyl

Eames Surfboard Table: $320.00 (black or white top)

Sar. Style Tulip Dining Tables: $699.00 (Black or White Marble Top 48" )

New Coffee Table (No name yet) $450.00 - Can be done in White or Black

New! Tuft Chaise $1200.00 Leather Only - can be done with Right or Left Arm
(Can also be done in a Sofa with full back for $1,450.00)

Please let me know if there is a specific piece you are looking for, we can get waaaay more pieces then what is listed above. Also for those of you that are super fancy, we can get almost anything done in Black/White or Brown/White Pony.

Fabrics: 9 on left starting with Red have been discontinued - 9 on right are Wools

Most Popular:
S22235-3# Gray
S22235-17# Red
S22235-1# Black

New Short Loop Boucle Fabrics - Choose any color!

Most Popular:
#31 Oatmeal
#33 Mustard
#16 Green/Blue
#30 Dark Brown


Most Popular:
No-1620# Off-White
No-0187# (My personal fav.) Caramel/Saddle Brown
No-1616# Beige

We can now do almost any piece in Silver or Gold Vinyl, very SLS hotel looking, would look amazing in our knoll benches.

We can also do almost any piece in Black & White or Brown & White Pony. Please inquire
for pricing.

Egg Chairs $1,600.00

Barcelona chairs $1,200.00 each

Baroque Pieces:

We now have display models of most the pieces shown below, you can choose your wood finish as well as the fabric of your choice, also can choose with or without buttons. All Fabrics shown below can only be used with the Baroque items only

Balloon Chairs: $1,500.00

Balloon Love Seat: $2,500.00

Victoria Tuft Love Seat: $1,100.00

New 9/16/2011

Antoinette Chair $550.00 - Sofa $1650.00
Regency Sofa: $1,800.00 (Black velvet C4 with white wood 01 display model shown below)

Queen Ann Chair: $1,100.00

Victoria Bench: $300.00

Kings Chair/Throne: $1,400.00 Chair stands 5"4 - Display model available
($999.00 group order price only)
Hollywood Throne: $1,800.00 - Stands 5"3 - Display model available
Louis V Loveseat: $1,200.00
Victoria Dining/Side chair: $250.00
Regency Chaise: $1,000.00 has 5 button pattern on backrest - Display model available
Isabella Loveseat: $1,500.00 (maybe our nicest piece ever) display model available

Bridal show booth showcasing our Baroque pieces!

Wood finishes:


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