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Friday, August 27, 2010

Now Offering Pony Print Furniture

My company is going to start offering Pony print furniture, I love it an don't see many pieces besides LC4 chaise lounges an Wasilly chairs. So we are going to start taking custom orders for pretty much any Modern piece
your little heart desires.

It is very expensive so this is not for everybody, but it is unique an we will offer options of Black & White Pony or Brown & White Pony. Each piece will be custom made an completely unique, Each Hide is different so every piece will be different.


Barcelona Daybed: $2,500.00 Pony ($950.00 regular leather) -

Barcelona Sofa: $2,700.00 Pony ($900.00 regular leather)
Barcelona ottoman: $450.00 Pony

Barcelona Chair: $1,000.00 Pony

Lc3 Sofa: $2,500.00 Pony
Lc3 chair: $1,000.00

Knoll style sofa: $2,700.00 Pony ($1,100.00 regular leather)
Knoll style loveseat: $2,000.00 Pony
Knoll style arm chair or bench: $1,000.00 Pony

Egg chair: $1,300.00

Ox chair: $1,500.00

Please email me at or
We will be ordering new furniture Mid- October so please let me know if you
have any questions an would like to purchase a amazing piece of furniture!


Pony Barcelona Ottoman ordered in our 2/15/2011 order!

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